For big groups

New! The Spa Float is available now with a winter floating lounge for up to 25 persons, with toilet and heating system. Please ask for prices.

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  1. Carla Oller

    Dear Saunafloss team,

    I’d love to know more about the Spa Float for bigger groups!

    Does it have a sauna too? Is a driver’s license needed in this case? Does it have an indoor and outdoor area? Is it possible to put music on the boat? And what would be the price per hour?

    Please let me know! If you had a couple more pictures to share that would be great too. I’d really like to gather some friends for a relaxed autumn afternoon 🙂


    Carla Oller

    • Saunafloss Autor des Beitrags

      Dear Miss Oller,
      sorry I just saw your comment now. I didn’t even know there was the possiblity to write comments on the website. The Beluga winter float with heating will be put next to the sauna float so that people can go back and forth between the 2 floats. The Beluga has a heated lounge. The price for 3 hours for the 2 floats together is 620 Euro. You can see a photo of the Beluga on Kind regards Dirk Engelhardt

  2. Henrik Blank


    können Sie mir eine Auskunft drüber geben, was das Saunafloss für ca. 20 Personen kosten würde? Geplant wäre der 01.02.20, ist da noch was frei?


    Henrik Blank

    • Saunafloss Autor des Beitrags

      Lieber Herr Blank, zusammen mit dem Beluga Winterfloss beträgt die maximale Kapazität 19 Personen. Am 1. 2. wäre die Zeit von 8 Uhr bis 14 Uhr frei. Beste Grüsse D. Engelhardt

  3. Marc Rogers


    I am interested in your sauna boat rentals and a couple of questions.

    1) what is daily rate or is rate hourly?
    2) can they be booked multiple days?
    3 are the boats produced by your company or commercially ?

    Thanks !


    • Saunafloss Autor des Beitrags

      Hi Marc sorry I saw your question just now. I didn’t even know there was the possibility to post comments on the website.
      The daily rate is flexible, you have to tell me the day and the starting time and end time. The hourly rate is 70 Euro.
      Yes it can be booked multiple days as well.
      The boat is produced by a company that builds floats in northern germany.
      Kind regards Dirk

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