opened all winter - 364 days a year

You like sauna? You like swimming in the lake? You like being in nature?

With the sauna raft you can combine all this. Relaxation guaranteed.

In the best location, on the eastern shore of Werbellinsee, you find the Brandenburg Sauna raft.Werbellinsee is one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. It is 10 kilometres long and has crystal clear water. Its shores are 95% covered with trees, so you have plenty of privacy for sauna culture.
The sauna is heated with a wood fired oven and has place for 6 persons. Heating is climate friendly with local, 2 years dried beechwood from Schorfheide. The sauna has a separate room for undressing with 4 seats. The sauna raft has a maximum capacity of 7 persons. Boat drivers licence is not necessary. Anyone older than 18 years can drive the sauna raft, equipped with a Honda motor. If you need a skipper, you can hire one for the price of 35 Euro per hour.

The sauna raft is equipped with a cold water shower, a swimming ladder and an eco-toilet. You can either bring your own sauna towel or rent one for 4 Euro. The sauna can be heated up to 95 degrees. The rental price covers infusion.

The sauna raft is equipped with a security equipment with live saving vests, flashlight, life-saving ring, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and light for sport boats.

The sauna raft is located at Badewiese Michen. Paid parking is available directly on Badewiese Michen. Drinking water is on the sauna raft.

The rental price for 3 hours and up to 7 persons is 210 Euro. Every additional hour costs 70 Euro. Included in the price is wood and gas. The sauna raft can be rented all year round, except on winter days when the lake is frozen. appointments can be made on the phone, bookings per email. There is the possibility to buy gift vouchers online.



Seezeit Resort

Ab sofort kooperiert das Saunafloß mit dem Seezeit Resort am Werbellinsee!


You can rent a kayak for one person for 5 Euro per hour.


A good restaurant does food and drink delivery directly to the landing stage. Without additional cost!

Birch branch

Birch branch for the wenik ritual available for 10 Euro.


You can prepare your own food on the sauna raft! A kit contains baked potatoes (roasted in the sauna oven) with garlic butter, smoked fish and horseradish. Price 16 Euro per person

Sauna on the landing stage

If you want to use the sauna on the landing stage without driving after sunset, the cost is 150 Euro for 3 hours.